The ultra-wide, high-grade oak engineered flooring is favored by consumers due to its outstanding performance and generous appearance. However, according to the analysis in the previous article, because of the requirement for very large diameters of raw timber, and high grade requirements for both the raw oak timber and the veneers, the yield of qualified veneers is very low.

This article will take the example of 300mm wide, Grade A oak engineered flooring and, combining actual customs data and market conditions, analyze from the perspective of lamella(veneer) resources why such ultra-wide, high-grade products are so scarce.


  • European Oak Lumber Resource

To trace how much available European Oak lamella resources there are, firstly we need to understand the total amount of European oak imported into China.

Here is the 2022 annual customs data for the total amount of European oak logs imported, from major producing countries to the ports in the provinces where our lamella suppliers are located.

Data resource: General Administrations of Customs of the People’s Republic of China

HScodeCommodityPartner codePartnerCode of importer locationLocations of importersQuantity/m3 
44039100Oak Log301Belgium21Liaoning14312
44039100Oak Log301Belgium31Shanghai13970
44039100Oak Log301Belgium32Jiangsu6424
44039100Oak Log301Belgium33Zhejiang18958
44039100Oak Log301Belgium37Shandong11163
44039100Oak Log304German21Liaoning17918
44039100Oak Log304German31Shanghai4617
44039100Oak Log304German32Jiangsu6549
44039100Oak Log304German33Zhejiang27963
44039100Oak Log304German37Shandong4214
44039100Oak Log305France21Liaoning224627
44039100Oak Log305France31Shanghai34808
44039100Oak Log305France32Jiangsu20520
44039100Oak Log305France33Zhejiang127340
44039100Oak Log305France37Shandong37915

It’s obvious that more than three quarters of the European oak logs are imported from France. We can draw the conclusion that most of the European oak logs are shipped to Liaoning, and Zhejiang, where our factory is located.

  • Maket Analysis

To have a deep understand of how many lamellas available among the whole imported logs, it is important to take a look at the market analysis in the following.

Of the 571,300 m3 of European oak imported, about 50% is used for floor production.

Of the 285,700 m3 of raw materials used for floor production, about 70% is used for the top layer of engineered flooring.

Of the 200,000 m3 of top layer raw materials, about 80% can be used for thick lamella sawing with a thickness of 3.0 mm or more.

Of the 160,000 m3 of raw materials used for thick lamella, due to the limited size of most logs or lumber, only about 15% or approximately 24,000 m3 can be used for the production of extra-wide products.

Of these, 10% are rotary cut grade, and 5% are barrel grade (highest grade), totaling about 3,600 m3 per year.

This is the amount of logs available for extra-wide, high-grade floor lamellas. Next, let’s calculate how many lamellas that meet the requirements can be obtained.

  • European Oak Lamella Resource

Based on the calculation that each cubic meter of wood log can yield 25-30 m2 of 4.0mm thick lamella, the total lamella obtained does not exceed 100,000 m2 per year.

From the perspective of width, according to the product width distribution obtained from the plainsawn pattern analyzed in the previous section, among the lamellas obtained, the proportion of lamellas with a width of not less than 300mm (mainly Grade ABC) is 20%, approximately 20,000 m2 per year.

From the perspective of grade, among the 300mm wide lamellas obtained, there are 1,000 square meters of Grade A. Adding Grade B and C after defect removal and resizing, it can reach 1,400 to 1,500 m2 per year. Grade B veneers are approximately 3,500 square meters per year (after removing end splits, 1900mm in length). The rest are Grade C or below.


Zhejiang Guolian Flooring Co., Ltd. is located in Deqing, Zhejiang. The lamella raw materials mainly come from the wood processing factories in the Northeast China and the Yangtze River Delta. In addition, in order to expand production capacity, we have expanded our procurement range to the Eastern China. The map below shows the distribution of our company and the main lamella suppliers.

From the map above, it can be seen that our raw material supply sources are widely distributed among major ports and industrial concentration areas. We will continue to make the greatest efforts to collect available raw material supplies for our customers.

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