For importers choosing engineered flooring manufacturers, sampling time and quality are probably the most important factors after pricing. Short sampling time gives importers a much better chance to succeed in their bidding. For suppliers, a quick, high-quality sampling service is verification of a factory’s R&D capabilities and one of the key factors in winning orders. Some factories are can usually do the samples quickly and accurately; it takes others a lot longer. So let’s take a closer look into the critical role of fast sampling for an engineered flooring factory.

Expansion in Depth

1. Influence factors

Even though it’s “only” a sample, the manufacturer still has to go through the entire production process. In theory, sample-making takes as long as a regular order. Because of the small number of samples, there’s no need to include the time required to purchase large quantities of raw materials. But the efficiency of daily manufacturing tasks is greatly impacted by specific adjustments needed to facilitate the sampling. Moreover, the actual time spent sampling is very difficult to determine. In addition to the usual production elements, proofing times can vary slightly for different samples.

Unfinished engineered flooring 

If sufficient plywood and lamella are available, the sampling process can be extremely fast. And as there is no need for painting, sampling can be done within one week.

UV Lacquered flooring

The sampling for UV lacquered flooring takes longer because the entire painting line must interrupt all routine production to make the samples for your clients. The whole painting process from uncoated board to the finished product takes approximately two hours. But for complex colors, a day or more will often be necessary. In a factory with an output of 100,000 square meters per month, the operating costs of a painting line, including labor and power, are about USD 6,000-8,000 per day. To save costs and increase productivity, most factories usually reserve one day every two weeks for the sample painting process, finishing five or six sets of samples.

2. The faster, the better?

Obviously, it ain’t necessarily so. Under the following sets of circumstances, certain factories can do the paint samples very fast:

If you’re a big, regular, important customer, many production facilities will suspend their routine schedule to make your samples and ensure that you stay competitive in the market. But not all will do this. So treasure those who do because such relationships are usually built on trust only after years of trouble-free cooperation.

A factory that is quiet because it only has a few orders will also be able to make your samples quickly. However, the reasons for the factory’s lack of activity are hardly likely to be favorable, and the potential risk of placing an order would outweigh the benefits for all but the most desperate or reckless of customers. So choose suppliers carefully and carry out a thorough background check before placing an order.

3. Our Solution 

Our factory offers multiple solutions for the rapid production of high-quality samples.We have plenty of semi-finished products in the warehouse without T&G or coatings covering a variety of species and specifications—flooring and lamella thickness: 10/2, 12/2, 14/3, 15/4, 18/4, 20/6mm, width 120, 125, 150, 190, 220, 240, 260, 300mm. Grades: AB, ABC, ABCD, CDE.

We have a painting line dedicated exclusively to sampling and an experienced color engineer for your color mixing. Our solution significantly shortens the total sampling time. Even the most difficult samples can be finished in 15 days. We provide a fast, efficient, high-quality sampling service for importers bidding on engineering projects.


For many factories, producing samples is a vital part of the entire production and sales process. While this expensive, time-consuming service is challenging, a factory that can meet your specific sampling  requirements would make an invaluable partner.

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